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Paint pressure barrel

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Due to the frequent need to use paint, some manufacturers simply call the pressure barrel as the paint pressure bucket. Of course, there are some reasons. If you want to buy paint, you will usually buy the inner barrel. The inner barrel can be used to store the paint, so as to avoid the whole pressure barrel full of paint, which is not conducive to long-term use. Some manufacturers directly put the paint barrel inside the pressure barrel, and few manufacturers will press the pressure The pressure barrel is directly poured into the inner part of the pressure barrel. After several times of use, the pressure barrel cannot be cleaned.
  The non painting pressure barrel is the same as the conventional pressure tank. If your company has specified requirements, our company can customize it according to the drawing. If the manufacturer has the requirements in this respect, our company can quickly solve the problem of gluing! According to the core requirements of the manufacturer, it is a major feature of our company, so that it is completely suitable, and there will be no problem if the number of liters can not be reached or the inner barrel can not be placed.
  Generally, 304 stainless steel is used as the material of stainless steel pressure barrel. 201 and 316 stainless steel can also be made. Food grade stainless steel can also be made according to your requirements. However, it is not necessary to store paint. Using 304 stainless steel pressure barrel can completely solve the storage problem. The paint pressure tank is internal barrel, storage and transportation, and other aspects It is relatively unimportant. However, it is recommended to use the one with mixing device to avoid paint precipitation and unable to dispensing.
  Paint pressure barrels can be used with spray valves. It can be manually and automatically. Automatic platform is used to achieve automatic, accuracy and uniformity. It is handy and convenient. It can be sprayed according to requirements. And it is not required for product specifications. Collocation and collocation of any product and location are excellent. Fog valve.

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