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Dongguan Wanjiang pressure barrel manufacturer

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Located in Wanjiang District of Dongguan City, there is a special pressure barrel manufacturer with dozens of types. It also has the technology of manufacturing non-standard pressure barrel. It can solve the demand of many manufacturers for pressure barrel, all of which are 304 stainless steel materials. If you need other types of materials, you can do it! Food grade stainless steel and carbon steel are OK!
  The advantage of choosing a manufacturer is that they can make suitable stainless steel barrels, and the price is relatively reasonable. The price is very transparent. How to choose a pressure barrel is certainly not convenient for customization. Except for the 1L, 2L and 3L in stock, the others are customized according to the order. Whatever you need, you can make it with funnel, perspective, inner barrel, etc! Manufacturers are to meet the needs of customers and exist, the volume does not need to be large, one also produces, the price is the same as the spot price.
  If your company Wanjiang can come and have a look! We can see the production and products in the place where we produce. Now, is the effect particularly good? It's good for enterprises to choose nearby manufacturers. Wanjiang pressure barrel manufacturers not only manufacture pressure barrels, but also provide one-stop service. Because each manufacturer is making core products, now there are no separate products. Our company also manufactures dispensing machines, glue filling machines, screw machines and soldering machines.
  There are many manufacturers of Wanjiang pressure barrel, and the manufacturing quality is also OK. Each manufacturer has its own unique skill. Our company's unique skill lies in welding. We can use more than ten kinds of welding methods. It is better to weld fish scales, which can increase the stress of pressure barrels and avoid cracking. However, according to the reasonable use method, any enterprise will not make this Yes, this is a very dangerous behavior, so every manufacturer will do a pressure test for eight hours before leaving the factory to avoid quality problems in production.