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Triple paint spraying

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Although the three-proof paint spraying has been a technology for a long time, there are still technical difficulties that can not be overcome. Due to technological progress, products are getting smaller and smaller, and the three-proof paint spraying surface is also becoming very small. To achieve the spraying, there must be more stringent requirements for technology. Simply speaking, technology determines whether it can be applied or not. Our company also improves itself with the needs of technological development.The spraying process can now achieve a spraying range of 4 mm, less than this range, you can not spray, but also with visual devices to achieve the effect.
  Spray technology is the simplest not to control the size of the range, the larger the range is relatively simple, the smaller the range is more difficult to control the amount of glue, some need to control in the 1mm range, but the thickness of spray can not be too thick, only like fog, this requirement is the highest, many manufacturers can not do it, as long as some large enterprises can do it!Our company can only achieve a 4 mm range, using visual devices and our own research and development of spray valves, the height control is very low, then spray, three paint control in the spray range, the whole process is very difficult.
  There are many types of spray valves, there are sector and circular, but there are five or six kinds of spot valves. In order to achieve better spray, there are currently three types of sector spray valves, three types of circular spray valves, different prices, can show different results. Circular spray valves are mainly concentrated, while sector is mainly sporadic, the effect will be more obvious, the selection is with production.There is a direct relationship between the products. The effect of three-paint spraying is excellent. Our spray valve can completely solve the problem. The price will be determined according to the difficulty or the need to configure the machine. There are spray valves ranging from 1500 to 8800 yuan. The value determines the price!
  It is not the most important but the effect whether the dispensing valve is expensive. If you buy a less expensive dispensing valve, the effect is only general, you will not be able to meet the needs of production, product quality and production efficiency can not be guaranteed, nor can you produce a suitable product type. According to our core requirements, you can solve many problems!