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What are the functions of needles in the dispensing industry

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  Dispensing needle is very important for dispensing industry. At present, 90% of products need to use needles for dispensing, but various types of dispensing needles are used to meet the requirements of product precision and glue quantity. Dispensing needle can adjust and control dispensing accuracy, and the size of glue output is also related to the needle. Therefore, the function of the needle is very large, for the current dispensing Technically, it's an indispensable accessory.
  Although with the improvement of process technology, there are also devices that do not use dispensing needles to spray dispensing. Dispensing can still be realized without dispensing needles, and the effect is also very good. The spraying points have strong uniformity. However, the viscosity and characteristic ratio of glue are relatively high, which can not be medium and high viscosity glue and glue with particles. The requirements are high, the price is expensive, and the application scope is wide The circumference is very small, mainly using 3131 dispensing valve. These ordinary valves need to be equipped with dispensing needle. The dispensing needle is very important!
  Yellow glue dispensing will use 3131 dispensing valve, which can transport glue out. Dispensing accuracy is still controlled by dispensing needle. Dispensing needle can be selected according to product dispensing specification, such as 1.2mm path. Needle with inner diameter of 0.8mm can be selected for dispensing, and 1.2mm inner diameter needle is not required. In this way, the quality of dispensing accuracy can be guaranteed and good dispensing needle can be provided Head, will not appear overflow effect, choose dispensing needle, or to test better!
  Have some understanding of the function of dispensing needle. It is necessary to have a good dispensing effect. It must be inseparable from various dispensing devices. Otherwise, there will be various dispensing problems. In particular, yellow glue dispensing has high viscosity and is not easy to break. It is easy to get the whole product is glue. This is not the initial setting.