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How to determine the height of dispensing needle?

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The height of dispensing needle determines the dispensing effect. How to judge the height of dispensing needle? In fact, you can only know how to adjust the height of dispensing needle after watching the spot or video. If the height is not correct, it is easy to cause wire drawing. At present, our company has summed up some dispensing needle height problems. Your company can have a look!
  1. In case of glue drawing, if other problems can not be solved, it must be the height of the dispensing needle. Observe the viscosity of the glue. If it is high viscosity glue, you need to move to a further position, pull the needle glue on the glue, and adjust the height lower. It is better to be close to the glue level
  2. Glue viscosity is low, you can adjust a little bit higher glue needle, can also solve the dispensing problem!
  3. It is better to keep the needle height within 1cm, but not very high, which is in line with glue application.
  Yellow glue dispensing is a kind of high viscosity glue with poor fluidity, which leads to long delay and poor glue breaking effect. Our company adopts dispensing valve with suction back for dispensing. When it needs to be broken, the glue will be sucked back. If the part needing to be broken is sucked back to the interior of the dispensing valve, wire drawing will not occur. For yellow gum dispensing, 3131 dispensing valve is recommended In order to solve the problem of yellow glue dispensing, the height of dispensing needle is generally designed at 1cm (distance from the glue surface).
  The height of dispensing needle is very important. Although it is only a small detail problem, it still has a great impact on dispensing. Yellow glue dispensing can be seen. The importance of dispensing needle, height and accuracy requirements, and matching the appropriate dispensing needle directly affect the effect of yellow glue dispensing. If you have dispensing problems or different places, please contact us! 136662812001。