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Dongguan Changan stainless steel needle cylinder price

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Stainless steel syringe is a kind of durable syringe. Generally, plastic syringe is consumable and will be replaced once or twice. However, stainless steel syringe is used for a long time and can be heated to avoid melting of the syringe. The use of dispensing accessories is very good for dispensing effect, especially the use of high-temperature glue.
  Specification of stainless steel syringe
  Specification, material, inner diameter, outer diameter, length, inner diameter of rubber outlet, interface mode
10cc stainless steel 16mm 18mm 104mm 2mm internal thread
30cc stainless steel 22mm 25mm 138mm 2mm internal thread
55CC stainless steel 22mm 25mm 200mm 2mm internal thread
100cc stainless steel 29mm 31.5mm 200mm 3mm internal thread
200cc stainless steel 36mm 39mm 220mm 2mm internal thread
300cc stainless steel 50mm 55mm 220mm 2 split internal thread
500cc stainless steel 50mm 55mm 290mm 2 large internal thread
  Stainless steel needle cylinder is to make up for the shortage of stainless steel pressure barrel. The pressure barrel is generally one liter, not less than one liter, while dispensing syringe is generally lower than. Some industries do not need a lot of glue, only need low capacity dispensing syringe. It is more appropriate to configure stainless steel syringe. It is easy to control the glue volume, and the capacity is appropriate, and there is no need to waste glue.
  Stainless steel needle cylinder has complete specifications, large quantity and low price. The material is 304 stainless steel. If you want to use it in the food industry, you need to use other materials. You need to use stainless steel with food grade materials. This kind of needle can be customized and has no stock! Welcome manufacturers to customize.